​Professional Mentoring

During Yishai's period of intervention in a school, a proressionally trained mentor meets with the teaching staff once each week - individually or in groups.  Mentoring focuses on the use of our tool kit and on real situations that arise in the classroom.  The mentor observes in the classroom so as to discuss particular cases with the teachers and reflect on dilemmas and questions that arise from the field. The Yishai staff meets with the principal and other staff with the purpose of preparing the school to become self-sustaining after the two-year period of intervention by Yishai.

Our Program

​Educational Tools

Yishai has developed an educational kit for teachers that, after a two-year period of intervention, allows schools to run its program independently. The kit includes forms for mapping out the class, lesson plans for small group and individual instruction, progress reports and more.  Additional information and samples are available at "For Educators" on the menu bar above. 


Many studies have shown the benefits of two teachers in a classroom: two pairs of eyes surveying the class, two personalities that the children can connect with, two opinions to analyze and diagnose every situation, a helpful division of labor and much more.  From our experience, even teachers who have never co-taught, grow to appreciate the support of a colleague and the partnership in the classroom.

Individual and Small Group Lessons

After mapping the learning profiles of the children in their class, teachers will define the strengths, weaknesses, needs, likes and dislikes of their students.  Every child is taken out of class for at least one hour each week of individual or small group instruction. This indivualdized attention keeps every child under close observation on a regular basis and allows teachers to provide pupils with particular help and enrichment.

​Yishai benefits from public and private support.  If you wish to support the work we do, click here.  All donations are tax deductible in the US and Israel.

If you wish to consider Project Yishai for your school, please contact us.