In Israel's large and heterogeneous classrooms, it is a challenge for many 1st and 2nd graders to acquire healthy learning skills.  Yishai gives public school teachers tools to understand and address the unique strengths and needs of every pupil, enabling them to provide the unique needs of every child in the classroom.  Offering children a strong foundation for learning, promises them greater academic success throughout life.

Our Mission

​About Us

​Amutat Yishai was founded in 2006 by a mother of five who saw a burning need among Israeli elementary school teachers.  Yishai cooperates with the public school system, offering a two-year plan of intervention that has been implemented successfully in three schools in Jerusalem.  At the end of our pilot and close cooperation with the schools, they have all integrated Yishai permanantly into their curriculum and have proven its sustainability.  Today, Yishai is expanding with the aim of taking its program system-wide in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.  Amutat Yishai provides educational tools and professional mentoring to teachers to help them address the needs of every child in Israel's typically large and heterogeneous classrooms.

​Yishai benefits from public and private support.  If you wish to support the work we do, click here.  All donations are tax deductible in the US and Israel.

If you wish to consider Project Yishai for your school, please contact us.